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SITU was founded to solve a major challenge facing industrial mobilization–the need to build in increasingly remote places and the high cost of doing so.

Our team of experts in architecture, engineering, software, and robotics have developed a construction-tech patent portfolio of innovative means, methods, and tools that make building in difficult, climate-change vulnerable and previously "unbuildable" places fast and economically viable. Our solutions are not merely "disruptive," but potentially the best or only option for building in difficult or remote areas. SITU's defendable IP is ready to be scaled globally with minimal barriers to entry, enabling responsible and sustainable building in support of modular data center (MDC), battery energy storage systems (BESS), critical mineral mining NPI and FOB national security interests.

SITU is a stealth mode startup in the final stage of preparations for market launch.

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"SITU" is a DBA of SITU-Places, Inc.,

a US Delaware Corporation with operations centers on both east and west continental coasts.



+1 650 440 3142

Content, whether contained in this presentation, or obtained through an information request on this web site, is deemed proprietary and may not be disclosed or distributed without prior permission of SITU-Places, Inc.


Patents pending for proprietary means, methods and hardware/software tool products. 

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